We have been a part of this community for a long time

Established in a time when agriculture was the lifeblood of the Clare Valley, the Clare Agricultural and Horticultural Society emerged as a gathering point for local farmers, gardeners, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, showcase their bountiful yields, and celebrate their collective achievements. As generations have come and gone, the Society has evolved into an enduring pillar of tradition and camaraderie, nurturing a sense of belonging among the community members.

From humble beginnings, the Society’s annual highlight, the Clare Show, has evolved into a beloved regional event that encapsulates the essence of rural life. The Show, is an eagerly anticipated event that epitomises the character of the Clare Valley community, showcasing an array of traditional and contemporary attractions, agricultural and horticultural exhibits, local artistry, trade stalls and entertainment. Competitions range from shearing to floral art and showcase the skill and dedication of the talented exhibitors.

Returning in 2021 the fireworks display is the most anticipated moment of the Clare Show. When the sun sets behind the rolling Clare hills, families and friends gather to enjoy the dazzling spectacle. The fireworks bring the community together and are enjoyed across the generations. 

The Clare Agricultural and Horticultural Society goes beyond its annual showcase as it plays an integral role in strengthening the bonds within the Clare Valley community as it provides an opportunity for individuals to come together and celebrate their shared heritage. With a rich history dating back over a century, this Society has played a pivotal role in connecting the local community to their agricultural roots and through numerous initiatives, the Society traditions are passed down to future generations, preserving the Society’s legacy. 

The Historical Clare Show

The origins of the iconic Agricultural Show can be traced back to its roots in the early days, when ploughing matches served as popular regional events and communities gathered, united by their shared love and livelihood derived from agriculture and the land. 

On December 3rd, 1857, the inaugural livestock Show took place at the Clare stock yards and premises of the Clare Inn. As the years passed, the passion of showcasing livestock and celebrating agricultural achievements grew. In 1864, a marquee was erected on a vacant block in the Clare main street, marking a shift toward a more organised and centralised event. The establishment of the Clare Town Hall in 1866 provided a gathering space, with adjacent vacant land providing an opportunity to display agricultural implements.

While the early years witnessed enthusiastic participation, the 1880s saw a decline in the popularity of the Show. However, a pivotal moment arrived in 1890 when GC Hawker and JH Angas gifted an eight-acre parcel of land in north Clare. This generous donation laid the foundation for the establishment of the Stanley Agricultural and Horticultural Society, breathing new life into the Show and setting the scene for years of success.

As the years progressed, the Society’s ambitions expanded. By 1912, the quest for a larger and more suitable venue was underway. Alongside this transformation, the Society reclaimed its original name, the Clare Agricultural and Horticultural Society, reflecting a renewed commitment to the region’s agricultural and horticultural achievements. This shift marked an era of growth and innovation, as the Society continued to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of agriculture and community.  

In 2014, the Clare Agricultural and Horticultural Society commemorated 150 years of Agricultural Shows in Clare. The 150-year not only honoured the enduring legacy of the Clare Agricultural and Horticultural Society but also paid tribute to the generations of individuals who have dedicated their efforts to preserving and enriching the region’s agricultural traditions. This milestone served as a reminder of the Society’s integral role in fostering community cohesion, showcasing agricultural prowess and nurturing our connection to the land. 

As the Society reflects on its remarkable history, it also looks towards the future with enthusiasm, eager to continue building the bonds between the Clare Valley community and its rich agricultural heritage.

Present Officials

Sid Nicholls – President
Liz Fitzgerald – Secretary
Sam Hull – Treasurer
Paulie Calaby – Senior Vice President
Peta Smith – Junior Vice President
Steve Sanders
Miffy Purslow
Geoff Mckinnon
Peta Smith
Alicia Callary
Mark Stewart
Cody Jones
Dayna Grey
Simon Byles
Amelia Byles

Friends of the Show

Past Officials

Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Members are individuals who have been granted a special and esteemed status within the Clare A&H Society due to their exceptional contributions and dedication to the Society.  These individuals who have shown an unwavering commitment and may have also demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, or expertise, and their involvement has significantly influenced the growth and success of the Society. This title not only serves as a token of appreciation but also acknowledges their ongoing connection and involvement. 

  • Bond, David
  • Crabb, Berryl
  • Crowther, N
  • Fairchild, M
  • Fidge, Mrs G B
  • Gepp, R
  • Haynes, AJ
  • Koglin, C
  • Koziol, R
  • Lewis, L
  • Maitland, Mr J
  • Michael, HJ
  • Nicholls, F
  • Pese, P
  • Stevens, M
  • Williams, Don

Life Members

  • Aucote, M
  • Barry, J & G
  • Brooks, Mrs M
  • Brysky, L & M
  • Budarick, K & L
  • Burton, C & B
  • Coles, M & H
  • Earle, R
  • Earle, S
  • Eldredge, M
  • Hall, A
  • Halliday, LR
  • Hams, J & J
  • Helbig, S
  • Hunter, JC
  • Kimber, R & S
  • Kunoth, L
  • Lally, M & P
  • Lewcock, G & J
  • Lewis, J
  • Longbottom, M
  • Marks, Mrs R & S
  • Mayfield, Mrs Sue
  • McDonald, M
  • Moore, G
  • Mugge, G & K
  • Mullighan, G & J
  • Piggot, Mrs OG
  • Pink, W
  • Poole, R & A
  • Pratt, J & M
  • Rantanan, M & H
  • Schaeffer, R & C
  • Sims, G & D
  • Slugget, D & H
  • Smith MS
  • Uphill, Mrs S
  • Weber, H & R
  • Weckert, J & G
  • Wehr K & K
  • White, J & S
  • Willson, Donald
  • Zacher, Kevin